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Home Extensions in Banstead | Your Building and Maintenance Questions Answered

Are you considering options for home extensions? Or do you need trusted builders for some swift reactive maintenance at your Banstead home? Of course, there’s a sizeable difference in the organisational aspects of these two services, not to mention the relative skillset, time and resources required to deliver results. However, as a specialist in both, as well as property refurbishments, property renovations and an array of other building work, we can meet all your building and maintenance needs.

Below, we have answered some of the most popular questions we receive across our full range of building services. Like any reputable builders, we pride ourselves on clear, honest and regular communication. The answers we have provided represent an introduction to our client-focused approach.

To schedule an initial consultation regarding anything from small-scale reactive maintenance to property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions, please call us on 0208 395 3021. We happily visit all locations in Banstead and the neighbouring areas.

Our Builders Answer Your Questions

Where are you based?

CJ Construction (Surrey) Ltd is based in Sutton. As such, we’re little more than a 10-minute drive away from Banstead. With this ease of access, not to mention our portfolio of stunning results, we are the trusted choice for discerning property owners.

Are you domestic-only builders?

No, we’re not. While we do excel at domestic building works, we have just as much expertise in the commercial sector. A selection of our clients includes private homeowners, landlords, local authorities, schools, property managers, chartered surveyors and businesses.

No matter the sector, our Banstead-based clients trust us for planned and reactive maintenance work that provides a swift resolution. Likewise, we undertake projects like property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions with a fast turnaround, but without any compromise in workmanship or safety.

Is there a difference between refurbishment and renovation?

Yes, there is. It’s understandable that non-builders might use these two terms interchangeably, but this can lead to confusion.

Property refurbishments are services used to improve the aesthetics of a room, floor or entire property, be it in Banstead or any other location. To create a new appearance, we utilise work such as repairing, cleaning and painting. Think of refurbishing in terms of refreshing or rebranding a property. It also shares certain similarities with our planned and reactive maintenance.

Property renovations focus on changes in, or additions to, your property’s structure. This includes improvements and repairs to defective aspects. It also extends to transforming a property in a state of disrepair. For example, you can either faithfully restore the original architecture or create a bold new design within the original shell.

Do you build all types of home extensions?

Absolutely. As time-served builders, we can meet all your extension requirements in Banstead. Certain variables at your property will affect what designs you can choose from. Our full list of home extensions includes:

• Single-storey
• Double-storey
• Rear-facing
• Side-of-property
• Over-structure
• Side Return
• Wraparound
• Kitchen Extensions

Which maintenance services do you offer?

The builders at CJ Construction (Surrey) Ltd cover all planned and reactive maintenance needs in the Banstead area. This extends to both internal and external repair. We currently manage various maintenance programmes for a range of clients, including gas-related breakdowns and services for housing associations, landlords, estate agents, local authorities and property management companies.

Our ability to maintain and repair to an exceptional standard provides the perfect foundation for our property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions.

Call 0208 395 3021 to schedule a consultation with one of our builders. We cover everything from reactive maintenance to home extensions in Banstead.


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