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Property Refurbishments in Sutton | Property Renovations and Refurbishments - The Most Popular Ways to Transform Your Home

While you may love your house and its location in Sutton or the surrounding areas, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a list of dream improvement projects. Be it property refurbishments, property renovations or home extensions, these projects help to make a great home all but perfect. At CJ Construction (Surrey) Ltd, we provide a wide range of building services, from general and reactive maintenance through to large-scale property alterations and additions. With our experienced, qualified builders, you can turn those dreams into a stunning reality.

On this page, we look at some of the most popular ways homeowners choose to upgrade their existing property. The figures come from a recent survey carried out by the insurer GoCompare.

The top 10 home improvements, property refurbishments or property renovations carried out by builders and trades are:

If this list has given you inspiration for your own home improvement or development work in Sutton, please call us on 0208 395 3021. From reactive maintenance to double-storey home extensions, our builders do it all.

Effective Simple Changes

Home extensions, loft conversions and large-scale property renovations will always hold huge appeal. However, there are many budget-friendly changes you can make on a much smaller scale. Basic property refurbishments, and even some reactive maintenance, often represent the catalyst for sweeping changes throughout your Sutton home.

Prioritise Organisation

Some people don’t think of organising as a type of home improvement. With the immediate effect it has on your daily life, not to mention how highly prospective home buyers regard it, we think it qualifies. This is especially true if you ask our builders to focus on bespoke storage solutions.

Upgrade Your Bedroom

Home extensions that create new bedrooms add the most resale value to Sutton properties. This only underlines the importance we all place on these rooms. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, it’s the place you go to relax and sleep. As such, it should have an aesthetic to match its importance.

The solutions our builders recommend will depend on the size of your room and the amount of natural light it receives. As experts in everything from property refurbishments and property renovations to reactive maintenance, we always find an effective solution.

Increase Kerb Appeal

Most home improvements and developments focus on interior spaces. This is understandable, given that you live inside your Sutton home and rarely see it from the outside. However, investing in exterior features can quickly upgrade your home’s outer appearance.

In addition to reactive maintenance, property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions, the builders at our company also excel at exterior improvements. This includes patio and driveway installations, fencing work and external decorations.

Call us on 0208 395 3021 for more information about property refurbishments, home extensions or any other building works in the Sutton area.
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