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Property Renovations

Property Renovations in Cheam, Sutton, Carshalton, Surrey & the Surrounding Areas

Have you purchased a rundown property that you want to return to its former glory? Or do you want to repurpose a house or commercial space to optimise your rental income? If you need to carry out major repair work or structural changes to achieve your vision, you must invest in property renovations. At CJ Construction (Surrey) Ltd, we have renovated numerous domestic and commercial properties with stunning results.

We are Sutton-based builders with the resources and manpower to carry out renovations across Surrey and London. Some of our key service areas include Banstead, Carshalton, Cheam and Epsom.

Our in-house team shares more than 400 years of trade experience. As specialists in a wide range of building services, we excel at every element of property renovations and refurbishments.

It’s important to note that these two terms are not interchangeable. Renovating a property as opposed to refurbishing it is a markedly different approach to home improvement and development.

During refurbishments, our builders improve aesthetics and fix minor damage. Renovations deal with repairing major damage and resolving issues related to your property’s structure.

On this page, we focus on renovations only. For more information about refurbishment work, please visit the Property Refurbishments page.

Property Renovations | Tailored to Your Needs

From Sutton to Banstead, no two properties we encounter are the same. A building’s age, as well as the amount of maintenance and investment it receives over the years, all have an influence on how quickly and extensively it degrades. As such, our renovations in Carshalton, Cheam, Epsom and the surrounding areas come in many forms.

Generally speaking, renovations involve additions to, or changes in, your property’s structure. They also improve and repair defective aspects of your home or workplace. Renovation also includes turning a property in a state of disrepair back to a condition fit for modern day use. This can be a faithful restoration of the original architecture, or a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

As such, you can conceptualise property renovations as the rebuilding of a structure within its original shell. How our builders and tradespeople go about this rebuild depends entirely on your vision.

Be it in Sutton, Banstead, Carshalton, Cheam, Epsom or the surrounding areas, your own renovation can include:

  • Full Domestic Renovations

  • Full Commercial Renovations

  • Structural Alterations and Repairs

  • Plumbing Improvements

  • Drainage System Improvements

  • Central Heating Upgrades

  • Underfloor Heating Installation

  • Electrical Rewiring

  • New Roofing Installations

  • Improved Accessibility

  • Floorplan Alterations

  • Partition Installations

  • Internal Wall Construction

  • Bathroom Renovations

  • Kitchen Renovations

  • Tiling, Plastering and Decoration

Like any reputable builders, we take your property’s history and character into account when advising on, and planning, your renovations. Successful property renovations seamlessly blend the old and the new. At CJ Construction (Surrey) Ltd, that’s exactly what we do.

property renovations in sutton

If you’re at the start of your own renovation journey, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation. From our base in Sutton, we happily visit sites in Banstead, Carshalton, Cheam, Epsom, the wider Surrey area and across London.

Call us on 0208 395 3021 to take the first step toward one of our renowned property renovations. From Cheam to Carshalton, we cover locations across Surrey and London.


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